What can Waterfull do for you?

Jan 2, 2023

Waterfull is a SaaS for ad monetisation analysts at mobile gaming companies.

We're not a consultancy, we're not a DSP, we're not a mediation partner.

Waterfull helps analysts by scaling their decision-making in two ways.

Software Engineering

Working by hand, analysts run AB tests by applying a few simple heuristics; launching a new test takes about ten minutes, and involves CSV uploads and careful filling-out of forms. Often, analysts will have to navigate between dashboards for ad networks and mediation partners, wasting time and creating the opportunity for catastrophic mistakes.

A similar process occurs at the end of a test; analysts carefully judge the revenue impact, referring back to old notes to determine the changes made and the impact they had.

But with robust engineering, these workflows can be automated, allowing for extremely granular optimisations. Waterfull's technology enables analysts to launch thousands of tests in parallel, and analyse the results with confidence and certainty. At the same time, detailed logging provides full transparency on everything that happens in the mediation platform.

This granularity unlocks opportunities for global growth by lifting the long tail, providing the same degree of analytical clarity in every country around the world. Whereas busy human analysts have to focus on the most valuable geos, Waterfull's parallelisation maximises ARPDAU everywhere, enabling user acquisition teams to increase spend.

Machine Learning

AdMon analysts work by applying familiar rules; but with machine learning, Waterfull helps them go one better. By analysing millions of data points, it's possible to gain a deep understanding of where ad networks bid, so that publishers can optimise their monetisation setup to get the best results.

Taking advantage of the individual quirks of each network, the models developed by Waterfull's talented ML team drive consistent ARPDAU uplift. As seasons change and demand patterns alter, waterfalls require constant maintenance; but thanks to these models, it's easy to stay on top of the trends.

Publishers, Publishers, Publishers

At a .NET conference in 2008, Steve Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft, got up on stage to talk about his favourite people. His sweaty, rhythmic, passionate tirade underscored Microsoft's commitment to the people who built on their platform - developers, developers, developers.

At Waterfull, we're equally committed to helping publishers. Creating and curating the content that billions of users enjoy, pubs deserve to be paid fairly for their work; our tools are designed to help them on that mission.